Fellowship Sunday School Class
meets on Sunday mornings in the Office Conference Area (OCA).
Soul Sisters
Women of all ages are invited.  This Class begins with prayer concerns, then bible study, along with laughter and fellowship.  Soul Sisters meets in MDS #1. 

 If you have children

Children's Moment

All children are welcome to come to the Sanctuary for the worship service.  Early in the service we have  Children's Moment.  Children are invited to come forward and sit on the altar steps to hear and participate in the children's sermon. 

Children's Church

After Children's Moment is finished, all children from in fact through fifth grade may leave to go to Children's Church outside the sanctuary, or may return to the pews to join their parents. 

If you have special needs

We have hearing assist devices available in our narthex.  Please ask an usher or greeter for assistance.  All our entrances at First Church are wheelchair accessible.

What should you wear?

First Church is informal.  We have no assumed Sunday dress code.  You'll find some gentlemen in jackets and ties and others in khakis, short-sleeved shirts or polos.  Ladies wear dresses and slacks.  Feel free to dress comfortably and respectfully.

Refreshments and Fellowship

Coffee and refreshments are offered before and after worship services in the Harris Pavilion courtyard outside Barton Hall.  Members and visitors are welcome.


Come join us every Wednesday evening, at 6pm for our Cafe Worship located in Barton Hall. Make yourself at home in a worshipful, warm, welcoming environment that will feel as comfortable as your local cafe. Settle into the ambiant atmosphere with a cup of coffee and a nibble. No need to dress to impress, we just want you to come as you are. Bring the entire family along! Teens and younger Children can either join you to be touched by the Holy Spirit and sing along to acoustic contemporary Christian music or pop over to a class room to complete homework and grab dinner, while they hang out with friends and make new ones. Come join us. Loving people, loving God, midweek cup of hope.